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Would you like to have a life changing experience while making the world a better place?

We believe that nothing is more important than finding happiness and living by the values you believe in. We will help you and your friends raise enough money to build a home for a disadvantaged family and then take you overseas to help them build it!

We will work with you to discover the values and goals you are passionate about and help you discover an exciting vision for your future.


The ASP is an exciting opportunity for your child to travel overseas, develop cultural awareness and increase their self-confidence and leadership skills.

The safety of your child is of paramount importance. The Our Connection staff and teachers will be present throughout all stages of the program.

Your child will embark on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery as students are encouraged to identify their values and goals that will guide them into the future.


The program is designed in a way that challenges students to broaden their perspectives and cultural understandings.

With your help we will increase their appreciation for opportunities available to them, discover values that will guide their lives and harness their passions to achieve tangible results.

We work with you to maximise the potential of your students by developing a unique and enriching experience, combining learning and travelling in which teachers and students can connect and work together in an overseas environment.