the stages



Stage 1

The students will be visited by program facilitators Will Slater, Daniel Kuzeff and Sam Gaskell.

They will tell their stories, encouraging students to discover their own values and extend their actions to positively impact others and the world around them.

This will be followed by a series of workshops where students are exposed to various fundraising models, learning how to effectively execute a fundraising campaign.

Students will raise $5,000 in collaboration with their school and community to collectively fund an entire home in an overseas village.


Stage 2

The students embark on a 9-day overseas immersion where they will engross themselves in a different culture to broaden their perspective and develop appreciation for the fortunate position they occupy in the world.

Students will visit the local village and see the practical results of their fundraising efforts first hand.

In addition to working on the construction of homes alongside beneficiaries, the students will also continue their personal development through cultural learning, team building activities, active learning games and workshops.


Stage 3

Our Connection stresses the importance of reflecting on experiences and perspectives gained from the immersion.

This allows students to implement what they have discovered about the world and themselves into their daily life.

The Our Connection team will visit the school to do a workshop with students about their experiences and accomplishments through participating in the ASP.

This will lead into an evening graduation, presented by the students to their friends, family and teachers; reflecting on their learnings.