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Our Connection aims to enhance the lives and warm the hearts of all people who venture to the beautiful Malbago Village community. Through developing a new perspective and appreciation of the lives we live, we hope you will arrive home with the desire to continue to extend your actions beyond your own self.






our people

Will Slater

Chief Executive Officer

Will’s fundamental ideals of success and happiness changed after travelling to Indonesia for the first time, where he experienced the incredible differences between developing societies and his own.

Will’s passion for helping young people achieve success and overcome adversity began at young age.

After running into his first life conflict following the ‘chalk-tagging’ of a Gaskell family pool table at the tender age of 6, he was on a mission to change the paths of those to come.

As the Prospector, Will gets in and makes first contact with external partners, develops relationships and generates community involvement.

Daniel Kuzeff

Chief Program Manager


Born and raised in rural Victoria, Daniel has always been the type of guy that keeps his values closely aligned with his actions.

Following a trip to the Philippines, Daniel set out to raise enough money to build a village that would accommodate families living below the poverty line. Determined to make a difference, Daniel donated his time and wage working 1500 hours in a bar and spending his spare time organizing multiple fundraisers to build the first 40 homes. During this time Daniel came up with a concept that is now recognized as Our Connection and the Australian Schools Program.

His energetic and enthusiastic character is contagious and according to Filipino folklore this charisma has been known to bring local fishermen good luck during the dire months.

Having travelled extensively, Daniel’s passion for connecting people from different cultures serves as his ambition.

As Chief Director, Daniel shares his vision with others to encourage them to join the shift towards a global connection.

Helping and connecting people from different cultures came to serve as his driving force.

Sam Gaskell

Chief Communicator

Ever since Sam was a young lad, he dreamed of a life spent on fiercely exciting film sets in jungles and deserts around the world.

It was only when he first travelled to the Philippines with a video camera that his conscious use of big words fell on deaf ears.

Upon returning to Australia, Sam was determined to dedicate his life to fulfilling work and went on to co-found Our Connection and Good Story; a video production company born and bred to tell stories with a social edge.

Obsessed with conceptualising and pursuing crazy ideas, Sam was quick to claim the Chief Idealist hat so that he could continue to steer Our Connection towards new and exciting initiatives.

Sasha Mayorov

Chief Financial Officer

Sasha was born in St. Petersburg and came to Australia in 2008 to further his learning in business and financial accounting.

Commonly known around the office as the Big Russian – despite his lack of mafia ties – Sash is also a senior player at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

If you’re thinking of spending a quid in front of Sasha, then think again. This guy is a drill sergeant when it comes to budgets. In his role as Chief Delegator, Sasha is a genius at identifying other people’s strengths and using them to achieve a shared vision.

Steve Dyason

Chief Regulatory Officer

Steve has had a lifelong ambition to assist the disadvantaged. This was given a practical outlet when he became involved in Project 10,001 with Daniel Kuzeff, raising second-hand books to distribute to orphanages in third world countries. This lead to Steve co-founding Our Connection with the other Chiefs.

Serving as Chief Regulatory Officer at OC HQ, Steve is in charge of writing polices, keeping tabs on our meetings and ensuring the gang stays on the straight and narrow.

As chief designer Michael is in charge of everything that we arrange, bundle and present. Having a passion for graphics, film and photography gives Michael the flexibility to move around different projects. 

Recently Michael elevated himself to another level on his creativity continuum. Many people around Melbourne attribute this to his newly acquired dance floor latino moves. 

Aside from all that, Michael loves working with teenagers to create a meaningful impact in their lives. He has been a team leader at one of the premium holiday camps in Australia for the past 18 months.

 our story



After a massive Australian fundraising campaign throughout 2010, raising funds for a remote village on Bantayan Island, an idea was hatched. Connecting young Australians with this beautiful community became a dream and with hard work and persistence in 2015 the first Australian school group ventured to the village on a life-changing immersion experience. For the past 5 years, immersion groups have experienced so much love and happiness during their days amongst the people. Today we run a select few immersions with schools, coupled with offering year 12 graduates an alternate to schoolies.   






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