We empower youth to discover more of who they are, appreciate what they have and realise the difference they are able to make

the experience


Together we take a 12-hour flight with one transit into Mactan Cebu Airport where we are picked up and taken to our accommodation for 2 nights. Day two we visit a home supporting abandoned youth where we engage in bonding games, singing, dancing and learning together. The next morning, we are up early and off to beautiful Bantayan Island to commence our week immersed amongst the wonderful people within the Malbago village.


Throughout the week, mornings are spent in and around the village. It is an opportunity to be with and learn about the everyday tasks the people of the community must undertake just to sustain a living. Learn from the mums, play with the children and potentially work side by side with the dads in and around the community. Afternoons are spent as a group, partnered with local youth where we undertake a series of activities learning more about the culture in a broader sense. Evenings are spent in the most traditional of Filipino ways…karaoke, dancing, basketball and fiestas…FUN! In everything you are involved in, the local people will be right by your side.
Finally, upon returning to Cebu we spend a day with the most inspiring and uplifting young ladies you will ever meet. Young ladies that have been through unimaginable suffering but have still managed to have come out the other side of it all with a smile and loving spirit and turn their lives around.











the stages


who are you?


the funds



the village


Located in the central Philippine region of Cebu on the large tropical island of Bantayan is a unique culture unfamiliar to the outside world. It is home to an exciting culture of street food and bustling fish markets that can only be trumped by the untapped snorkelling sites and white sand beaches. 


Despite the beauty of Bantayan, there are areas still sitting below the poverty line. At the north end of the island there is a remote community known as Malbago. In 2011, Our Connection travelled to this community and made contact with the leaders to discuss a housing project now known as the inaugural Our Connection village.